About Us

Gold Star Linen Services has been in the linen industry for the last 20 years, since its beginning the company has worked tirelessly to ensure its quality remains high and consistent. We have continued to invest in both infrastructure and modern equipment which ensures that we grow and also remain ahead in the market. Additionally, it also ensures that we remain stable.

Our primary goal is to serve the linen industry in Birmingham, however, the demand from clients who have come on board through word- of-mouth and recommendation pushed us outside Birmingham and around the country and it continues to expand outwards.

We feel confident and content in what we do and the service that we provide. We are also confident that our clients will share the same about our products and services. Whatever the event, no job is too small or big, we cater for all sizes. For more information please call us on 07545567786.

Quality and Stylish

Our products are comfortable, stylish, and of high quality which will provide extra comfort for your staff. We have 100% cotton, poly-cotton and 100% polyester in various colours and designs. We also supply bespoke linen for our clients who have this requirement.